Ashes 2023: Former India Cricket Compares Lord’s Long Room To ‘Fish Market’

The dismissal of Jonny Bairstow during the fifth day of the second Ashes Test between England and Australia at Lord’s caused a great uproar and the debate rages on. Bairstow was given out after he wandered out of the crease after ducking a bouncer from Cameron Green. Australian wicket-keeper Alex Carey was alert to the situation and threw the stumps down. While England fans believed the play was over, the umpires ruled that Bairstow had not signalled before leaving the crease, resulting in his dismissal. This decision prompted boos from the crowd, and a few individuals in Lord’s famous Long Room confronted Usman Australian cricketers Khawaja and David Warner.

Aakash Chopra, former India opener, was not happy with the chaotic atmosphere in the Long Room and Lord’s. He said on his YouTube channel, “There was almost a scuffle-like situation in the legendary Long Room at Lord’s. What does this mean and where does it go from here? It is a big question because if you are seeing this at the home of cricket, then it is a bit of a problem. It seemed like a fish market.”

Aakash Chopra also criticised the excessive noise made by the spectators during the run-out incident involving the Australian players. “They were making so much noise for that one run-out when the Australian players were going upstairs. If you have been given out rightly based on the law, that is where the debate must end but it did not end there and that’s the problem,” he added in the video.

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After the entire incident, the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) issued an apology to the Australian team and even announced that they would conduct a thorough investigation into the behaviour of certain individuals and the events that occurred after lunch on the fifth day.

Aakash Chopra further commented on the traditions at Lord’s, where players interact with the members in the Long Room. He highlighted the usually civilised behaviour of the spectators, who applaud and express their joy. However, he was also quick to note that this decision had indeed irked the spectators, even though it was in accordance with the laws set by the MCC, which is responsible for making these laws.

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