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No, it's just helping the guy prolong a lie and tie up a woman who could be using these years to find someone who is actually straight. If you just want no-strings attached sex with a little added thrill of the forbidden, or if you're a scheming homewrecker with a plan for stealing the person for yourself, there's a good chance that you'll get what you want. This would be a great TV movie for Ann Heche but she would probably cut off the married lover's dick, Emmy. One of the hottest amateur vids I've ever seen. They will suck dicks at a bookstore thru a hole, get fucked in the steamroom at their gym but god forbid, we find out that the man attached to that dick is married.

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Your FB doesn't have any admitted emotional problem because he compartmentalizes his life. I just couldn't understand how A he could so easily cheat on his wife and family, and B what kind of sociopath lives a "straight" life while having gay sex with who knows how many men. Log in Sign up now. He went on and on and on about how when he was young the gay thing was unmentionable, and he had daughters, and he had inherited the family business, and blah blah blah, "It would ruin too many lives" for him to come out as gay, and anyway, "I don't like the gay lifestyle, I like living in the surburbs with my family," etc. You may think that so so so so many gay men are femme, but I'm willing to bet that most of them aren't nearly as femme as you.

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A relationship with someone married has a built in barrier to that. The last time we fucked, he casually told me his wife was due any minute with his son. I also agree with R6. My scary first first first boyfriend had a 5-year relationship with a heterosexually married man whom my BF had fucked throughout the BF's grad school career. Your 'straight' married fuck buddy.

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