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What message are they presenting to their audience? Perhaps in that way Dakan and Woubi Cheri were able to break through a well-defined African film viewing circuit and reach another group of people who will now seek out African films in general. There is no social context within which to really act out ones gayness in Africa; other than South Africa, there are no gay bars. He stated that the film had pulled back the curtains of hypocrisy. While it is true that in the United States African films in general are not released in commercial movie houses and on rare occasions, outside of film festivals, are programmed in art houses, Dakan and Woubi Cheri were embraced by a group who generally do not go to see African films. I asked him would he have been willing to come out in this film. I found it interesting that there seems to be a level of tolerance that I saw in the film among the straight community.

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Black Gay Male Spectatorship in the United States: The Reception of the films Dakan and Woubi Cheri


None of us here likes to discuss our sexuals that way. In African cinema discourse, there is often the question: I did not see any gay bashing, I am sure homophobia exists in Africa; I think I got a bit more knowledge about the attitudes. But I know many people who did not live that life when they were in their particular community. I found it to be inspiring, as an African American gay man it is always inspiring to see other people of color who are gay, willing to take risks to be who they are, so for me it was touching in some ways, and I appreciated the opportunity to see it. But the minute that you say that a homosexual is a man who makes love with another man or a woman who makes love with another woman that is when the problem starts. I was struck by the range of people; we saw a cross-section of gays with different identities, and we saw the yossi, the woubis and the transgenders.

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Labeling and role playing within couples was also a point of comparison: And while it was not overtly stated, there was also a sense that Africans were not so different than Africans Diasporans, thus debunking false perceptions that the U. I came out when I was seventeen, for five years my father did not talk to me at all. Maybe nine out of ten refused but the ones that we finally saw agreed. Yes it was incredible, I found it interesting that the man who came to see the seer was also gay and the reading was a prediction about his future relationship with another man. Family has a different terminology and a different definition and to be in a position where you are in a community that is welcoming and embracing-many times we choose our neighborhoods and places we go and the things that we do because of the comfort level, of not being chastised or ridiculed. Bringing together the two films, Dakan and Woubi Cheri allowed the possibility to discuss the continuum of male homosexualities and masculinities that emerged — a secluded, same-sex intimacy within the complexity of African traditions to a close-knit gay community that included a very open transvestite.

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