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He ended up completely dominating the world of classical music. Anne Midgette Biographer of Pavarotti Pavarotti was not excessive by rock-star standards. I cherish the memory of the way he treated the Covent Garden toffs during the stagnant s, calling in sick when he was actually cuddling some lovely on a South Sea island - and then refusing to sing there again until he saw evidence of regime change. He would tell us: I had to wait a long time; when I was finally summoned to the hotel suite, there was a nymphet in the bedroom, quite obviously getting her clothes back on. He was an icon to gay people and grannies; a preteen pin-up and a mummy's fantasy. He achieved both musical respect and mass impact of a kind that had not been equalled since the great Enrico.

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We don't make singers like him any more; they're expected to be decent musicians. I don't think his art suffered - by the time he was doing the stadium shows his voice was already on the slide. In his later years, he sucked the air out of the room. He wore his own costume, roaming all over the stage, making sandwiches in the middle of the act. He had one of the last voices that really connected with the Verdi and Puccini repertoire - a very sweet Italian voice that could sing lateth-century music with lyricism and beauty. He is probably the greatest opera singer in history. He had an instinctive way of bonding the words and the music that almost nobody else could do.

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John Allison Editor, Opera magazine All those arena events with the "three pensioners" were unwise: He would plant himself centre stage, face the audience and sing, without interacting with his colleagues or paying attention to the composer's markings. He had a very lively face - you would be surprised how engaging he could be in the right role. He had wonderful diction, and there was this hard-to-define Italian sound, a particular timbre. He was a total singing machine; phenomenally strong - the sort of man who could have lifted the car off you after an accident.

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