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Dickens and Armitage are parallel to each other one block apart. It could be really cold out sometimes but we can heat things up in there. Blowboy yes the barn is open in the winter year round. I am planning to go next Monday night very late. But as far as making recommendations of how our time should be used or wasted is a stretch. Like any bar, there's the odd petulant troll. If you are on here message me.

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So can anyone please answer wether they have a cover charge or not, and if so how much? In the back part of the bar there is a huge fence that you can mess around behind in front of the fireplace for those who want to stay warm in the winter. At least that is what the Sunday afternoon bartender and a couple patrons said yesterday when I asked. But as far as making recommendations of how our time should be used or wasted is a stretch. That's my issue with guys. Every sq inch is cruisy.

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I have never had a bad time anywhere I have gone as we all have the ability to choose who we surround ourselves with and who we choose not too surround ourselves with. Heading there this evening. I'll be at this spot tonight around 9: Sounds like a warm weekend. If you walk out to the back, it means you're looking.

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