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Larson then stood there looking at me. I quickly became nervous now as this was something I have never heard of for a male during an exam. What was happening I thought? It took me a second or two to finally realize I was no longer a virgin and about to be fucked. You can disrobe down to your underwear and the sit on the exam table. I tried to will it down but that did not work.

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The Dr's exam


I noticed your heart was beating a little fast but nothing out of the normal. I was looking at the posters on the wall when the Dr. Larson was all the way inside of me. I was now lying on my back with my legs secured in the stirrups spread eagle, and my arms secured to the table. Here I was bent over an exam table, naked, with a Dr. I knew he could tell I was hard but he said nothing. Instead he caressed my anus some more and as he slowly messaged my anus his finger gently slid in to me causing me to gasp slightly.

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I was exposed and completely vulnerable. As he described to me what the next exam will entail, he shot his cum all over my face. I felt his stethoscope touch my chest as he listed to my heart and lungs. I was sitting patiently in the Dr's. I was confused at how little resistance I put up. Larson then stood next to me and started stroking my cock. Larson pulled his cock slowly out of me.

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